About Us

Orthobond was founded in 2004 by Gregory Lutz, M.D. and Professor Jeffery Schwartz Ph.D. with the intent of improving the performance and safety of medical implants. The base technology or platform provides the ability to covalently or chemically bind molecules that can impact the performance of implantable medical devices. The Company’s focus has been on the adhesion of antimicrobial molecules and creating a cost efficient and timely manufacturing process. Orthobond customizes partners’ surfaces by matching substrates with specific end group molecules to elicit the desired biological response.

How can we modify your implantables?

Although we are currently focused on antimicrobials the Orthobond technology can be used to bind many other end groups. We look forward to working with companies that are looking to improve the performance and safety of their devices to gain a significant competitive advantage edge and increase their market share.