Selecting Antimicrobials

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Schematic showing antimicrobial strategy using Orthobond’s patented technology.

Not all antimicrobials can be effectively bound to a given surface: Orthobond utilizes a unique combination of expertise in Organic Chemistry, Biomaterials Science and Biochemistry to create logical linker – antimicrobial combinations. Our first step in testing a novel surface treatment is to perform an in-depth characterization of the chemistry which has been created. One of the unique aspects of our technology is the hydrolytic stability of the surfaces, a feature which is tested and reconfirmed for each new technology. Treated surfaces are vigorously washed with solvent/sonication combinations and then tested for persistence of antimicrobial compounds using IR, TOF-SIMS and XPS.




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IR and XPS spectra. The IR analysis (above left) provides evidence of a bound monolayer (blue arrow) of phosphonic acid and also demonstrates persistence of bound anti-microbial. The XPS (above right) can provide information on the unique elemental identifier (red arrow) on the surface which confirms the persistence of the bound antimicrobial.