Welcome to Orthobond

Orthobond uses proprietary non-polymer technology developed at Princeton University to enhance the surface characteristics of medical grade substrates. This unique attachment chemistry can be customized to provide medical companies with surfaces that improve the performance of their metallic and polymeric implants, instruments and ancillary components. Orthobond is currently focused on using this technology to create antimicrobial surfaces that may help to reduce the risk of infection associated with medical implants. Other applications include, but are not limited to, improving adhesion between surfaces, making surfaces hydrophobic or hydrophilic, or attaching specific molecules such as proteins, peptides and/or small molecules to a surface.

Our Mission:

To improve patients’ health & mobility by enhancing the performance and safety of current and future generation medical devices through novel nanoscale surface treatments.

The Orthobond Goal

Orthobond is committed to working with a select group of companies that are looking to produce the next generation of biohybrid medical devices. It has become more and more difficult for companies to differentiate and improve their products. This is due to the increased number of players, the level of maturity of these markets, and the fact that only so much can be done via geometric and instrument modifications. Orthobond wants to partner with companies that are looking for ways to differentiate not only their current market offerings but also their next generations of products.