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Antimicrobial nanosurfaces for medical devices

Born out of technology developed at Princeton University, Orthobond is a biotechnology company that has developed proprietary antimicrobial nanosurfaces with broad applications in the medical device industry.

Our platform technology aims to address the root cause of medical device contamination by killing unwanted microbes on the surfaces of metallic and polymeric devices. We envision that our technology will be transformative for our partners, hospitals, payors, and—most importantly—for patients.

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“Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients are affected by medical-device related infections. Our mission is to help.”

Gregory E. Lutz, M.D.
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Orthobond
Physiatrist-in-Chief Emeritus, Hospital for Special Surgery
An Unmet Need

The global burden of medical device-related infections

Millions of medical devices are surgically used or implanted in patients globally every year. Despite our best efforts to prevent contamination, medical device-related infections are on the rise.

With the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, addressing the need for improved methods of reducing medical device contamination has never been more important.

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Our Solution

Orthobond’s proprietary platform technology

Orthobond’s platform technology aims to address the problem of medical device contamination at its root cause.

Our proprietary process utilizes covalent linker technology to modify biomaterial surfaces at the nanoscale level, allowing for the creation of stable antimicrobial nanosurfaces that attack unwanted microorganisms directly at the device surface, with greatly reduced risk of local and systemic toxicity and bacterial resistance.

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Invest in antimicrobial medical device innovation

Orthobond has developed patented, scientifically-tested device surfaces that aim to greatly reduce the risk for device contamination—a leading cause of medical device-related infections, which affect countless patients worldwide and cost the healthcare system billions of dollars per year.

Orthobond’s proprietary antimicrobial nanosurfaces have broad applicability in the medical device market and can be used across a wide range of verticals, including: orthopedics, cardiovascular, plastic surgery, needles, catheters, instruments, and tools.

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Strategic partnerships for the benefit of patients and industry

Due to the ever-growing global burden of medical device-related infections, the need to differentiate and improve the safety and performance of medical devices has never been greater.

Orthobond is committed to working with a select group of companies that aim to produce the next generation of smart medical devices.

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