About Us

Orthobond is an antimicrobial technology company that has developed proprietary antimicrobial nanosurfaces, with broad applications in the medical device industry and more such as commercial, industrial, automotive, and beyond. We’re the first company to utilize nanoscale surface modifications that can be permanently bound to any surface, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi by mechanically rupturing pathogens without using antibiotics.

Investing in the Now

Contamination has a serious impact on patient care and Orthobond’s technology has the potential to improve outcomes with medical devices, such as implants and instruments in orthopedics, plastic surgery, cardiovascular and other implantable device areas. Outside of medical devices, like in textiles and consumer goods, Orthobond’s platform technology is being implemented to help protect the surfaces people come into contact with every day.

Investing in the Future

The future impact that pathogens have on lives and economies is tremendous, and Orthobond’s technology is poised to make a global impact, killing unwanted microbes on the surface of metallic and polymeric surfaces worldwide. From medical devices, like implants and instruments, to handrails in train stations and everyday products, Orthobond’s technology is the gold standard of health and safety, killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces.

Our Technology

Recent funding from influential investors will be used principally to gain Orthobond technology’s first FDA clearance to further the commercialization of our proprietary antimicrobial nanosurfaces that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on metallic and polymeric surfaces. Orthobond has the capital in place to commercialize this antimicrobial surface technology in multiple product categories, from commercial, industrial, textiles, automotive and beyond.

“The world is focused on pathogens more than ever,

and we understand the need for protection. Orthobond’s technology creates a covalently bound nanosurface that is designed to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, yet is safe for human contact. Our first products will be a series of antimicrobial medical device surface treatments designed to protect from pathogens without the use of drugs or eluting chemicals, but long term we see broad applications for textiles, consumer goods and high-touch areas in public places.”

- David Nichols, Orthobond CEO

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