Building Strategic Partnerships

Orthobond is currently engaged in multiple collaborations with leading industry, academic, and clinical research groups.

We are actively building relationships with a select group of global leaders who aim to produce the next generation of antimicrobial, biohybrid medical devices in the fields of orthopedics, cardiovascular, maxillofacial, plastic surgery, trauma, and oncology.


Due to the increased market maturity and size—and the fact that only so much can be done via geometric and instrument modifications—it has become more and more difficult for companies to differentiate and improve their products.

Orthobond wants to partner with companies that genuinely strive to improve patient care and seek to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-crowded marketplace.

Our technology covalently or chemically binds molecules that can powerfully impact the performance of medical devices. Although our primary area of focus is in developing antimicrobial nanosurfaces for medical devices in the orthopedic industry, Orthobond’s technology can be used to bind many other end groups for use in a wide range of industries. Our team customizes our partners’ surfaces by matching substrates with specific end group molecules to elicit the desired biological response.


Orthobond has successfully raised capital from top-tier angel investors, partners, and private grants. We are currently in active partnership agreements with some of the leading companies in the medical device space.


As Orthobond achieves new milestones and our company’s vision continues to expand, we seek driven scientists and business executives with high integrity and proven track records in the medical device industry to join our team.

If you are an accomplished scientist or business executive with industry or academic experience in chemistry, biomaterials, and/or microbiology, and are inspired to contribute alongside our team, please send us your resume and a cover letter.

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